Cebu’s version of Enchanted River

By: Wandering Chinito Cebuano


After spending a night at Lambug Beach we rode a bus to Alegria to continue the Chasing Waterfalls Project.

Upon arrival at Alegria Public Market, we headed directly to St. Francis Xavier Parish Church.

St. Francis Xavier Church

We chartered a habal-habal to take us to Cancalanog Falls for a reasonable amount.

Cancalanog Falls was our first spot to visit in Alegria. To make the story short, we arrived at Cancalanog Falls jump off point after 30-minutes of habal-habal ride.

Starting point downhill to Cancalanog Falls

Later on, we started the walk on a slippery trail downhill, walking under the mahogany trees, hearing birds twitter from above to reach Cancalanog Falls. That was an additional bonus to our trek while enjoying the scenic view along the way.

Young local kid who lead us the way to the falls

Thanks to this kid for his assistance

The trail was established but there were no signage that would lead us to where the falls is, good thing we met a young kid along the way whom we seek assistance in leading us to the falls location.


The colour of the water glows from the distance with its bluish-emerald green water.

The Cancalanog Falls is a sight to behold for visitors who would be awed by the greenish-blue hue of the water. Looking at it from the distance reminds me of the Enchanted River in Surigao maybe because of the unique glow of the water that even gives us goose bumps.

The Waterfalls itself may not be as magnificent as the other famous falls in Southern Cebu, but the Crystal Clear Water of this relatively undeveloped area is more than enough to make up for it

The rock formation around the falls gives an additional picture-perfect appearance of the place. It looks very enchanting with its blue-green cold water creating a big natural fresh and deep swimming pool where visitors can do cliff diving (including yours truly).

Staying here for a few hours was already a well-worth experience since we had so much fun dipping with its ice-cold-bluish-emerald green water and doing some cliff jumps. Awesome!!!.

Getting to the Cancalanog Falls

The Cancalanog Falls is located in Barangay Compostela in the Southern Town of Alegria. To get there, it would be necessary to ride on a bus going to the south through the town of Barili. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Sangi junction in the town of Alegria. From Sangi, you can hire a motorcycle to take you to the drop off point going to the Waterfalls itself. Since motorcycles do not normally pass by the area, you can make arrangements with the driver to pick you up at a later time.

Things to consider:

  1. Enjoy Nature at your own risk.

  2. Bring the following: Water (At least 1 liter), Sun protection (like shades, umbrella or hat),Extra clothes, Aqua shoes or trekking sandals, Snacks, Extra money (for emergencies)

  3. Keep an eye always on all of your important things and valuables.

  4. Keep your glass, bottles & plastics with you. Practice The Leave No Trace Principles.

  5. Lastly, BEHAVE properly. Let’s RESPECT “others living there”.


Been to this place or planning to visit here? Share your experiences or thoughts on the comments section below. Thank you for dropping by!

Blog Written By: Wandering Chinito Cebuano

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