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PADI Surface Marker Buoy Diver Course


Surface Marker Buoys, SMBs (and Delayed Surface Marker Buoys, DSMBs) are an essential piece of equipment for every diver. Learning proper techniques and protocols to safely deploy and use an SMB is an important skill for any qualified diver. 


PADI Surface Marker Buoy Diver Course

SMBs allow divers to alert boat traffic, provide a line as a visual reference, warn off boat traffic and to mark boundaries for mapping or search and recovery – in short they help to keep you safe, whether under the water or on the surface. This course will teach you how to safely and reliably deploy an SMB (and DSMB), giving you the peace of mind that you will be comfortable using one whenever you need to do so.

During the course you’ll learn:

  • How and why to use your SMB
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different types of SMBs and DSMBs as well as different types of reels.
  • Methods of SMB deployment including understanding the risks and hazards and the importance of using proper technique
  • Preparation of equipment before and after deployment
  • Over one pool session and two open water dives you’ll use your knowledge to practice a range of skills including the ability to reel in and out, deployment from the bottom and mid-water and conducting a tour while towing your SMB

The real saving here is time, which can be very precious on holiday. Click below to see Course’s available.

PADI Digital Materials

Please note:  PADI Open Water Diver Course and the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course. prices include complete rental from our range of the latest and most modern diving equipment; transportation to and from the dive sites in one of our air-conditioned mini-buses or Boat; plus PADI certification on successful completion of your course.

Extras: Educational materials such as PADI Crew-packs and manuals (required reading for most courses) and diving equipment can be purchased from the Diving shop. Please email info@alegriadiveresort.com to confirm prices.


Health & Fitness

Anyone with an average level of fitness can enjoy scuba diving. You don’t have to be an athlete!

However, some medical conditions such as heart or lung problems could prevent you from participating.

Before signing up for a PADI course, you will be required to complete and sign the standard Continuing Education Document with any “YES” answer cleared by a doctor.

We recommend taking the form to your doctor for completion before you travel.

Weather & Dive Conditions

The Philippines has the perfect weather for taking a PADI course or just diving for fun!

  • Average yearly temperatures average between 28 – 31°C
  • Water temp: 27 – 30°C

Due to our variety and unique dive sites, Alegria Dive Resort is the only PADI Resort in Alegria that can take you diving 365 days a year.

Evaluation & Medical Forms

Continuing Education Document

Marine Fees

The Alegria Provincial Government established a Marine Park Entrance Fee System based on Tickets. Tickets are purchased for a fee of 100 Pesos (about 2 $) per dive. The local government will utilise these funds to finance a number of high priority conservation programs in the area, including patrols and enforcement to abolish destructive fishing practices such as blast and cyanide fishing, village improvement programs within the park, collection and disposal of plastic and other wastes entering the park’s waters, marine conservation education of village children and adults, and reef and mangrove rehabilitation. Tickets can be purchased through Sta. Filomena Marine Sanctuary in Alegria or at Alegria Dive Resort. We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation with this entrance fee system. Conservation of Sta. Filomena’s spectacular marine habitats requires funding, and your entrance fee is a valuable contribution to saving Alegria’s reefs.

NOTE: Marine Fees Including in Course.

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